Monday, Jul 22 2019

6 Things You Need to do This Halloween

6 Things You Need to do This Halloween

It’s finally the month of October, which means Halloween is almost here. While most people might spend their evening at a costume party or downtown on Richmond Row, here is a list of other ways to celebrate the spookiest time of the year:

  1. Wagon Ride and Haunted Corn Maze (October 14th and 15th, 7-10PM)

The haunted corn maze is a classic Halloween event. Bring your student I.D. and you can gain access to this event for only $10.00! For more information: Pay to get in. Pray to get out.

2. USC Presents: Haunted House (October 24th-October 26th, 5-10PM)

Wanting to stay on campus? On a tight budget? The USC Haunted House event is a great way to kick-off Halloween. For a minimum of $2 and/or a non-perishable item, students and others can gain access to a spooky stroll through the Mustang Lounge. It may be a little before Halloween, but it’s all for a good cause! For more information, click here.

3. Fright Night at Museum London (Saturday, October 29th, 9PM-12AM)

Make sure to have your best costume for this one! For $30.00, guests will gain access to a night packed with live music and “costume-clad party-goers.” Tickets sell out fast for this event, so get yours sooner rather than later. Must be 19+ (with valid photo I.D.) to attend.

4. Horror Movie Binge with Friends

If you’re looking to not spend a lot of money, but still wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, there’s no better way than sitting with a group of friends and binge watching all the greatest horror movies. Need movie ideas? Follow this link: Halloween Movies You Need to Binge Watch This October.

5. Pumpkin Carving

Remember the good old days when pumpkin carving was the best part of Halloween? Try hosting a pumpkin carving competition amongst your friends, or help your younger sibling/cousin/niece/nephew/etc. Remember to save the seeds to bake for later (yum!). You can find a simple recipe here.

6. Games’ Night

Not overly into Halloween but still want to have a get together with friends? Host a games’ night, maybe throw in a Halloween-themed trivia game to get into the spirit. Don’t forget the chocolate, chips, and candy, of course! You can search some ideas here.


Hope you have a spooky Halloween!