Thursday, Feb 22 2018

A Night at the Rum Runners: Darcy's and Bear Mountain w/ Big Lonely

A Night at the Rum Runners: Darcy's and Bear Mountain w/ Big Lonely

Loud music blared from the speakers as my friends and I walked into the Rum Runners on Thursday night. After getting a couple of X’s on our hands and a stamp on our wrists, we ventured upstairs to find out where the music was emanating from. It was a small venue to say the least. A disco ball illuminated the room as the front stage was occupied by the opening act, Big Lonely, with a youthful and vibrant audience watching on in sheer elation. After finishing their set, Big Lonely left the stage, and everyone waited patiently for Darcy’s and Bear Mountain to begin the show. 


The intermission between the departure of Big Lonely and the arrival of Darcy’s and Bear Mountain proved to be an adequate amount of time for more people to show up and fill the room. It was only a matter of minutes until four bearded men walked on the stage, introduced themselves, and to use a clichéd expression, “rocked the house.” Bear Mountain performed first with their very unique sound: a fusion of alternative indie and pop. It was the type of music that was bubbly and cheery while being accompanied with a rock guitar rhythm, running the gamut of two distinct genres. From my perspective, their sound was very reminiscent of late 80s techno music, combined with the alternative indie-rock genre that has become familiarized in our culture today. The second group, Darcy’s, also gave an exhilarating performance with their art rock music, displaying an alternative pop sound similar to Bear Mountain, but much more experimental. Hailing from Toronto, the Darcy’s have an impressive track record: they have made three studio albums, collaborated with major producers, toured three continents, and received extensive coverage.  


 The entire audience, including my friends and I, remained engaged and captivated by each of their impressive sounds and how animated they were on stage. From the first to the last song, they truly did not disappoint with their performances. I highly recommend that you check them out if you enjoy music that makes you want to dance and moves the soul. While they remain relatively unknown, I have a feeling that their sound and ambition will make its impression on the music industry.

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