Wednesday, Jan 23 2019

Meet "The Millenials": London Rock Band Making It Big

Meet "The Millenials": London Rock Band Making It Big

Christmas lights hang from the ceiling, and the walls are covered with an assortment of random posters and art. The storage locker, an unlikely place for a band to practice, is full of different instruments. This is a home away from home for the Millennials, a six-piece rock band from London Ontario.


The Millennials released their first EP at the end of May with a big release show in Rum Runners, which was a monumental moment for the group. Since the EP release, Classic Rock Free 98.1 has picked them as one of the top 3 finalists to win a recording package at EMAC Studios for their song “Pantomime.”


While practicing for their show at the HBK Festival, I was able to sit down with the band and discuss their experiences thus far, as well as how they came to play music.


What got you into playing music?


“I started playing music because of how important music was to me growing up,” says vocalist and guitarist, Cory Wallis. “I sucked at sleeping as a kid so I always used to take walks to a park and listen to tunes for hours on end. It really put some of the stuff I was struggling with daily into context, in my family and in my school. I found it helped me to express myself better than I can normally in words.”


“It's kind of a funny story,” says guitarist, Mike Wright. “I was hanging out with my friend and we had our girlfriends over and my friend said, ‘Mike you got a guitar don't ya?’ I couldn't play it at the time. So I took it out and he started playing it; both of the girls were just eyes on him, fixed. I was like, ‘Okay I should probably get into this and start learning guitar.’ There was definitely a lot more that kept me going but that was what got me going with it.”


“I started playing guitar at nineteen,” says guitarist, Tristan Krawczuk. “I really got into playing music when I finally had some access to the guitars at my school; they let me fiddle around with them and take them home. I also took a little guitar class. I guess what attracted me to the instrument was being able to play it in solitary fashion. I'm a very introverted person, so I like to hangout in my room a lot; the guitar is something I can just work on. After that, it just took off from there. It's a good way for an introverted person to be extroverted.”


Nathan Noble, the band’s keyboard player, says it all started when he was 16 and a guy in his math class and if he could sing for his band. “I thought ‘cool, why not?’  I got hooked after that. Playing live in front of people is addicting for me. I love affecting people in a positive way like that--it's a lot of fun. Other than that, I feel like the idea of recording is almost like a tattoo for your soul. To have a recording of something you created and have that sense of accomplishment is forever inscripted on the internet, vinyl, CD, or whatever. I just really like the idea of being able to say, ‘Hey, look what I did!’ and show people this thing that I was a part of.”


Best memory from performing?


“We’re pretty fortunate on stage,” says Wright. “Nothing too crazy happens, but we certainly have a really good time. No crazy stories like someone being hit in the face with a guitar--yet.”


“The end of our EP Release,” says Noble. “I guess I accidentally nudged my keyboard, but it looked like I was a rockstar shoving the thing right off the stage. It crashed face down on to the monitor, but everyone just went wild!”


“My favourite thing is that moment when everyone stops being concerned about where they are. First, they are worried about ‘how good is this band going to be?’ and cross their arms. But then there is that moment when something just stops in their head. Usually it's when somebody goes right to the front of the stage, then everyone is smiling and dancing. I just love that,” said Wallis.

You can find a link to the Millennials’ hit single “Pantomime” here. Enjoy!

Alan Charlebois the Bassist and Jarred Squire the drummer were not present for this interview.